Summer of 2017

NeSA 2017

''Nordic eSports Academy hands down the best event where i have been, big tables,own computers, good chairs, free water/food, no delays 5/5''

Olli Havisto‏ @InsesCSGO

''I liked the bootcamp and the chance to play against finnish professional CS:GO players.''

Lauri, bootcamp participant

"Great opportunity to improve skills and mindset. Would recommend to any aspiring gamer"

Samuel, bootcamp participant

"This bootcamp has been a life-changing experience that I will always remember"

Alejandro, bootcamp participant

''What @NeSA_academy are doing with their #eSport summer school with academic certifications is really wonderful 😎👍''



These partners are working with us to produce this outstanding bootcamp and tournament. If you would like to be a partner please get in touch.