Kajaani University of Applied Sciences

among the top most proactive UASes in Finland

KAMK is an international learning and development community which operates in its own compact campus area in Kajaani. KAMK is divided into 5 schools, each one has a focus area that supports the international profile.

KAMK has been offering Game Development studies for many years and has registered a major sucess nationally as well as internationally! (Global Game Jam, Dare to be Digital,
Viope Game Development World Championship)

Nowadays, game development students are provided with outstanding facilities to broaden their horizons and help them to comprehend the industry way better, such as virtual reality, 3D lab or great variety of computers.

Each year, KAMK organizes NORTHERN GAME SUMMIT which includes lectures from industry veterans and panel discussions with the participants as well as networking.


You can fly directly to Kajaani from Helsinki. Kajaani airport is located 7 kilometres northwest from Kajaani city centre. There is a taxi stand at the airport. Taxis are always available at the time plane arrives. If you'd like to book your ticket, visit this page.

There are several train and bus connections every day from Helsinki via Kuopio or Oulu. Kajaani train station is located near the centre within a walking distance. For more information VR.fi & Pohjolan Liikenne.

Kajaanin ammattikorkeakoulu
PL 52/ P.O Box 52
Ketunpolku 3

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