This year, one of the biggest CS:GO tournaments in Finland will be held in Vuokatti, one of the world's finest training facilities for professional athletes involved in Nordic skiing.

The CS:GO Tournament itself will be held at the premises of Break Sokos Hotel in Vuokatti.

The city situated in the beautiful surrioundings offers an excellent possibility to combine sports and studying. Professional coaches and the flexible school system guarantee that the student athletes have the possibility to focus on studying as well as sports at the same time. Location in well-known sport and travelling center Vuokatti guarantees excellent facilities for training and sports coaching.


For all the teams which have gone through the bootcamp successfully, there will a bus provided that will take you directly to Vuokatti each day from 07.07 to 09.07, however, if you wish to stay in Vuokatti during the time of the tournament, check out our page about accommodation options in Vuokatti here.

There is no entrance fee for spectators and you can travel to Vuokatti from Kajaani (linja-autoasema) by bus. The overall journey lasts 20 minutes and one way ticket costs approximately 8 euros. To get your bus ticket visit this page.


Catering will be provided in the hotel for the bootcampers and members of NeSA team but there are many other options where to grab some food :

K Supermarket
Vuokatti Kebab & Pizza
Amarillo Vuokatti

all the places mentioned above are situated within the walking distances from the Break Sokos Hotel.

Where is Vuokatti ?


These partners are working with us to produce this outstanding bootcamp and tournament. If you would like to be a partner please get in touch.